Counselors have arrived, and finished up training, and JAM is proceeding beautifully.  Please pray for our counsellors and staff, as they will have opportunities to make ETERNAL DIFFERENCES in the lives of our kids.  It's REALLY HAPPENING!

The fella on the far right is Jonathan Cortina - we're thinking he's looking really happy and excited!

We are CLOSE to our goal of $50,000, but still need your help.  If you are able and willing to donate to this cause, please see our Giving Page!

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Original Story Below...  (from May 16 - just 10 days before counselors began arriving!)

kids of JAM

For over 15 years, JAM (Jesus and Me) has provided six weeks of academic instruction and faith based training for the children of Washington County each Summer.

JAM has previously been sponsored by Mission Brenham.  However, Mission Brenham is unable to fund JAM for 2017.  Because JAM is such a very important program, an interdenominational Steering Committee has been formed to address this urgent need.  The Committee has asked Champion Fellowship to provide tax exempt status, making contributions deductible for this year’s program, which runs from June 5th through July 13th.

BISD gives each child one hour of math and one hour of reading instruction each day during this program.

BISD Superintendent Dr. Walter Jackson enthusiastically supports JAM.  Dr. Jackson said, “BISD is pleased to continue our partnership with the JAM Program this summer. Our community is blessed with generous donors who believe in the positive impact that our public/faith-based partnerships provide. We remain fully committed to developing the whole child through educational programs based on collective community values.”

The kids of JAM need your help.  For the program to take place, the community will need to raise approximately $50,000 before June 5th.  Contributions can be made to JAM2017, in care of Champion Fellowship.