Champion Fellowship has graciously agreed to serve as our "front office" and allow us to utilize their staff and employees to help us make Jam2017 a success!  Your tax deductible contributions can be directed there, either dropped off or mailed in.

Please make checks payable to "JAM2017"

Champion Fellowship - 1801 S Market St, Brenham, TX 77833 - (979) 277-9090


The Steering Committee for JAM2017 consists of:

  • Billy Sutherland, Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church - chair
  • Bill Rankin, Abiding Word Lutheran Church
  • Tim Webb, Pastor, Champion Fellowship
  • Allen McClure, Associate Pastor, Champion Fellowship
  • Dr. Walter Jackson, BISD Superintendent of Schools
  • Jonathan Cortina, Programs Director, Mission Brenham
  • Jon Davies, Pastor, Brenham Bible Church
  • Darren Dondaldson, Treasurer, Independence Baptist Association
  • LaKesha Walker-Morgan, Assistant Principal Brenham High School
  • Debbie Forland, Children's Director, Champion Fellowship
  • Tina Roehling, Ministry Facilitator, Champion Fellowship