A steering committee has been set up to guarantee that JAM2017 takes place.

Champion Fellowship has graciously agreed to serve as our "front office" and allow us to utilize their staff and employees to help us make Jam2017 a success!  Your tax deductible contributions can be directed there, either dropped off or mailed in.

The Steering Committee (listed below) was created to assure that all funds are properly managed, a separate bank account was created, best practices are employed, and full and transparent accounting will be maintained.

Please make checks payable to "JAM2017"

In Care of Champion Fellowship - 1801 S Market St, Brenham, TX 77833 - (979) 277-9090


The Steering Committee for JAM2017 consists of:

  • Billy Sutherland, Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church - chair
  • Bill Rankin, Abiding Word Lutheran Church
  • Tim Webb, Pastor, Champion Fellowship
  • Allen McClure, Associate Pastor, Champion Fellowship
  • Dr. Walter Jackson, BISD Superintendent of Schools
  • Jonathan Cortina, Programs Director, Mission Brenham
  • Jon Davies, Pastor, Brenham Bible Church
  • Darren Donaldson, Treasurer, Independence Baptist Association
  • LaKesha Walker-Morgan, Assistant Principal Brenham High School
  • Debbie Forland, Children's Director, Champion Fellowship
  • Tina Roehling, Ministry Facilitator, Champion Fellowship