Brenham ISD has approved our CHAPLAIN PROGRAM!

If you would like to serve as a School Chaplain, this is the place for you.  On Monday night, March 19, our School Board voted unanimously to approve the Chaplain Program we have been recommending.  Since we believed we need a proper vetting process, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes is already established on campus, we felt it would be best to operate in conjunction with FCA.

Potential Candidates for the Chaplain program (you don't have to be clergy and we definitely need some women) go to the FCA website and sign up to take the E3 Training.  It's about 3 hours of online videos, in about 3-5 minute segments that you can complete any time.  You can do 15 minutes or half an hour, come back later, and the site will help you pick up where you left off - it's great training.

Then, fill out a Ministry Leadership Application (MLA).  Since FCA isn't specifically designed for Chaplain Service, you can include that in one of the text boxes.  When asked about the school or campus, you can scroll down to find Jacob Deramus in the BISD Schools.

Once you complete the training and the MLA, Jacob will be notified, and consult with our BISD Superintendent who will consider your application.