Hurricane Harvey

Please be careful about repeating things found on the internet that may not be accurate.  The situation is very fluid, and is changing constantly.  Rather than trying to keep this page updated with current information, we will provide links where you can find reliable information, including ‘how to donate’ or help.

Washington County has been designated by the state as a “pass-through” area and we are currently routing people to shelters in larger areas that have additional resources to get evacuees assistance they need.  We have an Information Tent at Walmart where you can get info, or volunteer to help (see #5 below)

Money donations can be made at Bank of Brenham, Brenham National Bank and Citizens State Bank.  These donations are 501c3 tax deductible and should be made out to Faith Mission / NHN (Neighbors Helping Neighbors)

Page is currently being updated…

  1. Information from Faith Mission –
  2. Neighbors Helping Neighbors –
  3. Neighbors Helping Neighbors Facebook –
  4. Washington County Chamber of Commerce –
  5. To sign up to help at the Walmart Pass Through Tent –
  6. City of Brenham Emergency Management –
  7. Washington County Emergency Mangement FAcebook –