December 12, 2022 School Board Meeting.

Tim Webb, Pastor of Champion Fellowship, and Billy Sutherland, Pastor of Calvary Baptist, addressed the School Board on behalf of  A brief summary of the meeting from KWHI can be found here.

They were allowed to speak for 3 minutes each with a super-big countdown timer on the wall in full display.  After their statements, Superintendent Chaplin was free to respond to their statements without any limits, and no opportunity for rebuttal. During our presentation, we presented three documents which we will make available here.

  1. A copy of the letter Tim Webb read to the Board concerning the "why".
  2. A copy of the BISD Legislative Agenda to our State Representatives and the head of our State Board of Education.
  3. Our response to those same leaders opposing their Legislative Agenda.
  4. A Copy of a DRAFT of a Questionnaire we would like for each person who will be running for BISD School Board in May, 2023.

We believe it is improper for BISD to have a legislative agenda which drastically opposes the vast majority of Americans who believe in School Choice.  We also believe that our School Board should be comprised of individuals who purposefully represent the traditional values of our community and those who elected them over "the system".  It is the intent of TexasChurchLeaders to provide a copy of the final version of the Questionnaire for candidates for School Board to fill out.  The answers from all candidates (new and those running for re-election) will be publicized for voters to see before voting in May.  Any candidate who opts not to answer the questions will simply be listed as "declined to answer".